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Understanding your money is the first step toward financial freedom.

How to cope with market volatility

Learn more about potential solutions that can help you keep a long-term perspective in a turbulent market.

Options for people who don't like to budget

Insights from Better Money Habits® ways to simplify budgeting

Investing beyond your 401(k) - how to get started

From doing it yourself to working with a professional and how to decide which may be appropriate for you.
Don't let terms like "liquidity" and "debt-equity ratio" keep you from investing in your future.
If you're juggling multiple debts without a plan, struggling to get by on a limited income or just want financial guidance—a credit counselor may be able to help you
How well you manage your student loans and other personal finances will impact how quickly you achieve your financial goals.

Dealing with market volatility

Insights from the Chief Investment Office to help you understand risks when the market shifts.
Some facts to consider as you decide when to start receiving your benefits.

Eight simple ways to save money

Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started.
Explore women's unique financial journeys, with useful strategies for your own.
Answer these questions to help you determine what might make most sense.
Use these insights from Merrill strategists to help determine if your retirement plan is on the right track.

These articles, videos and tools are brought to you by Bank of America, Better Money Habits®, and Merrill.

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