Whether you give your time or your money, you're leaving a legacy.

Decide how to donate your time or money

Charitable work or donations can intersect with your other priorities-make sure your time and money are well spent.

Helping your heirs get what they deserve

Learn the basics about wills and trusts.

They're getting what? Keep your beneficiaries up to date

Keeping your beneficiaries up to date will help ensure your hard-earned assets are passed to your intended heirs.
Getting your details organized can take you a long way. Learn about the duties and responsibilities of an executor.
A list of the most commonly used estate planning documents and the role each plays to help you understand the process.
It's a simple step that can help protect your family's future.

A labor of love - How to make the most of work-sponsored giving

Trying to figure out how to donate your time, skills or money? Explore opportunities through your employer that may match your interests.
Other life priorities
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