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Home is where memories are made and value may be built.

Plan for the real cost of home ownership

Buying a home is a major milestone. Make sure you think about the total costs of ownership.

Organize your life in bits and bytes: Go digital!

Looking for a place to start? Here are five easy ways to go digital.

Renovate your home without wrecking your budget

Remodeling do's and don'ts that could help you make the most of your home - and maybe even increase its resale value.
Learn how even small changes to your score can have a big impact on the interest rate you get.
Whether it's a starter home or your dream home, here's how to consider whether buying is your best move now.
Follow these tips to help you land an apartment that works for both your lifestyle and your budget.

How much home can you comfortably afford?

Learn how to calculate the right price range that's within your budget.
Where will you live when you retire? Ask yourself these questions first before you decide.

Help your home go the distance

Learn strategies to help you "age in place" with home modifications.

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