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Equity Awards Quick Tips


Accepting Your Awards
Instructions for completing the acceptance process if your plan requires you to accept your awards.

Selling Company Stock Online

A guide to selling stock received through an equity award plan through Benefits OnLine®.

Opening Your Merrill Lynch Brokerage Account
How to open a Limited Individual Investor Account for your equity awards.

Most Popular

Making a Tax Election
A guide to making any required tax election for your equity awards.
Modeling and Exercising Your Stock Option Awards
A guide to modeling and/or exercising stock options.
Modeling Your Restricted or Performance Awards
A guide to modeling restricted or performance awards.
Create Your User ID and Password
How to create a User ID and Password for Benefits OnLine®.
Restricted Stock / Restricted Stock Units
A general overview of Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Unit awards.
Stock Options
A general overview of Stock Options.

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