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familyDivorce in mid-life: Fresh starts, new financial challenges

While divorce isn't easy for anyone, it can often come with special hurdles for women. Consider these key points as you make decisions about splitting your finances and moving more

FinanceTax reform and your life: What's changed?

Plenty. Here, tax expert Andrew Friedman, principal and founder of The Washington Update, provides insights on how the new law's provisions could affect your financial life. Use them to help you plan for the conversations you'll want to have with your tax more

HealthMake financial sense of your health benefits

The research shows it pretty powerfully: A healthier, less stressed workforce is a more productive workforce. But the financial benefits can add up for you, too. The longer you stay healthy, the lower your lifetime health care costs might be. That's one reason more and more companies are offering preventive care benefits that range from lunchtime yoga classes to smoking-cessation programs. It's wise to take advantage of any benefits of this kind that your employer offers, as long as they seem appropriate for more

HomeRemodeling your home on a budget: do's and don'ts

Remodeling do's and don'ts that could help you make the most of your home - and maybe even increase its resale more

FinanceHow to recover from seven common financial mistakes

Gaffes, flubs, slip-ups-whatever you call them, we all make them. When your mistake is financial, it pays to address it as soon as possible to avoid the potential for costlier problems down the road. Here we provide steps you can take to help identify, prevent and overcome seven common financial more

familyHow to juggle your financial needs with those of your kids and aging parents

The idea of the “sandwich generation”—people squeezed by financial and other pressures from both their aging parents and their children—has been with us for years. And even those without kids can feel the challenges of keeping their own goals on track while helping care for older relatives. Now those who are currently in their 30s, 40s and 50s are feeling those pressures on a scale their predecessors never more

FinanceFive hidden benefits of 529 college savings plans

A Section 529 college savings plan can be a great tax-advantaged way to save for an education—your children's, your own or anyone else's—and it may offer surprising financial more

HomeOrganize your life in bits and bytes: Go digital!

From blogs to books to professional organizers, there’s no shortage of resources and ideas about how to organize your home, and change your life in the process. Yet, with this abundance of information you may be wondering where to more

WorkRetirement planning and your equity awards

When you’re at the peak of your career, raising a family, paying for a child’s college education, or caring for an aging parent, it can be difficult to think about planning for your own future. When faced with these competing priorities, it may seem like there’s nothing left to contribute towards more

WorkBorrowing From the Bank of You: Taking a loan from your retirement account

Since the day you enrolled in your employer's retirement plan, your retirement account has been earmarked for one of the biggest expenses you'll ever face: retirement. Once you retire, it could be your primary source of income, used to pay for everything—from groceries and prescriptions to utility bills and travel more

LeisureNavigating the nuances of international travel

Planning an international adventure can be thrilling. Whether you're dreaming about lazing the day away on a tropical beach or strolling along the Seine, make sure to plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the more

givingA labor of love - How to make the most of work-sponsored giving

These days, it’s easy to find plenty of ways to donate your time, skills or money to causes and organizations you care about. But, you may need to look no further than your own workplace as more and more employers are providing opportunities for employees to give back that can benefit both you and those in more

FinanceA month-by-month guide to a financially healthier you

With each new year comes a fresh start. While you’re thinking about making resolutions to improve your health, like losing weight or getting more exercise, don’t forget about your financial well-being. Wondering how you might do that? It’s not as hard as you more

LeisureVacation unplugged: How to hit the reset button

Have you ever had a vacation go awry because of work? You go away with the best of intentions, but instead of enjoying some much-needed R&R, you find yourself answering emails, taking business calls and basically working during your time off. In a fast-moving, “always on” world, how do you truly more

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