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FinanceBecome the ultimate back-to-school shopper

Notebooks, markers, backpacks, sneakers... the list seems endless. Getting your kids ready for a new school year can test your nerves—and your wallet. But a tweak or two to your game plan could result in big more

WorkThe complete package: Evaluating your job offer, beyond salary

Whether you’re trying to land your first job or your tenth, a job search is never easy. So when you’re finally offered a position, you may be tempted to give yourself a high-five — and relax. But before you accept, be sure to weigh all the variables. After all, you, your boss, and your co-workers will be spending a lot of your waking hours together. In fact, Americans spend more time working than any other activity, including more

FinanceDon't just set it and forget it: Your 401(k) needs regular TLC

Putting money into your 401(k) account through automatic paycheck deductions can make investing for retirement seem effortless. But don't let the fact that it's easy lull you into thinking that you're all more

familyThree essential financial steps for parents

When our son Colby was born, we received one monogrammed baby blanket, three hooded towels and countless words of wisdom about sleeping schedules. But no one mentioned the long-term financial implications of our happy event or how to budget for our growing more

HealthPreparing healthy meals that are good for you and your wallet

By the time you’ve made it through the workday, you’re probably ready to head home and put your feet up on the couch. But before you can relax, you need to conquer one more daily challenge—deciding what’s for more

WorkJob loss and your equity awards

Whether it’s expected or not, losing a job can give you a lot to think about. As you clear off your desk and consider your next chapter, don’t forget about your stock more

familyYours, mine and ours - Handling money as a couple

Deciding as a couple to live together or get married is a major decision. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and assume that you and your partner share the same financial values and goals. After all, you’re in love! What could go wrong? As it turns out, financial differences are a common cause of stress, arguments and breakups, so it’s an important topic to discuss before you cross the threshold to your love more

LeisureLobbying for hobbies: The price tag of pursuing your passion

What do you like to do in your free time? If you’re like most people, you spend those moments doing something you love. Whether you enjoy antiquing, swimming, crafting or woodworking, your hobby is likely a welcome break from the daily grind. But like many things in life, hobbies often cost more

WorkTen planning rules everyone with stock options needs to know

Managing your stock options can be challenging. To get the most out of your company’s stock plan, consider the following more

givingGiving back for the greater good: How to match your money and time with your values

When it comes to giving back, you don't have to be rich to make a difference. Whether you give a little or a lot, you can find purpose and meaning in helping others or supporting your chosen cause more

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