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FinanceSmart ways to pay back your student loan

What comes after graduation day? The job of repaying the cost of college. That often involves hard choices, but with a solid strategy you can tackle your debts without jeopardizing your more

WorkAre you contributing enough to your 401(k)?

Now might be a good time to take a look at how much you’re putting in your retirement account. Here’s why adding to it—if possible—could benefit you over the long more

FinancePerseverance: the key to tackling your credit card debt

Planning and perseverance are key, as is knowing how your debt factors into your overall financial health. When paying down your debt, some actions help more than others, but every step you take toward managing credit card debt is a step in the right more

HomeHow to win at the apartment-hunting game

Whether you're looking for your first place, a more affordable place, a bigger place, or simply a new-to-you place, finding the right apartment isn't always easy. From noisy neighbors and faulty appliances to drafty windows and lousy water pressure, there are a lot of things to watch out more

FinanceFive tips for new grads

Starting your first job after graduation is an exciting milestone, but it can also be overwhelming. In addition to meeting new people and putting your education to work, you may need to find a new place to live, establish an account for depositing your paychecks and paying your bills, and try to make sense of your employee benefits. And you may have some student loan debt to deal with, more

FinanceReady, set, go! Win the race to financial freedom

There’s a way to gain control of your finances, and it’s not as hard as you think. Find your starting position on these challenging routes and push through to the next level until you’re victorious! more

LeisureTips for a successful (and fun) low-cost weekend

Have you ever sat down and figured out how much you actually spend during a weekend? The results could shock you. From errands to entertainment, the money you shell out every Saturday and Sunday can really add up over time. And if you have financial goals like getting out of debt, saving for a large purchase like a house or car, or building your retirement nest egg, your weekend spending could be hindering those more

familyNewly engaged? Time to talk finances

If you recently popped the question or breathlessly said “yes” to a marriage proposal, you probably think you know your future spouse pretty well. However, it’s important to remember that marriage is more than a romantic union, it's also a financial one. more

HealthMaking the most of your HSA- Strategies for every age and stage

Whether you’ve just started contributing to your health savings account (HSA) or have had one for years, chances are it offers more savings power than you more

givingGiving back for the greater good: How to match your money and time with your values

When it comes to giving back, you don't have to be rich to make a difference. Whether you give a little or a lot, you can find purpose and meaning in helping others or supporting your chosen cause more

FinanceTarget Date Funds: Taking the DIY factor out of investing for retirement

Even if you enjoy the occasional do-it-yourself ("DIY") project around the house, you may not want to take that approach when it comes to something as important as investing for your future. Choosing investments, balancing risk and potential return, deciding when to shift that balance as you approach a major milestone such as all takes a lot of time and more

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