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Education Center » 401(k) contributions: Traditional, Roth-or both?

401(k) contributions: Traditional, Roth-or both?

As you’re reviewing your company’s retirement plan, you may be wondering which contribution type is right for you. Traditional pre-tax 401(k)? Roth 401(k)1? Understanding how these contribution types are taxed can help you decide which option is better aligned to your financial situation, now and in the future. Watch this video for insights to help you make an informed decision.

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  • Which type of 401(k) contribution is right for you? Get additional details here.
  • If your 401(k) plan is with Merrill, try the Roth Comparison Calculator under “Change Contribution Rates” on Benefits OnLine® to help determine which contribution type might be best for you.


1 Some 401(k) plans also offer traditional after-tax contributions. View the video for what to consider when deciding on this option.


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