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family5 financial questions every caregiver should ask

Living until you’re 80 or 90? A century ago, the odds were strongly against it, but today we take greater longevity almost for granted. The extra years can be a wonderful gift, providing more time to spend with loved ones and pursue fulfilling more

FinanceSpring cleaning: Time to get your retirement accounts in order

Spring is the time of year when you focus on areas of your home that need extra attention. As you sweep in the new season, now is a great time to tidy up another often-neglected area: your retirement account more

The zero-jargon guide to investing

Don't let terms like "liquidity" and "debt-equity ratio" keep you from investing in your future. What's most important is understanding a few key concepts and knowing your more

FinanceHow much do you really need to save for retirement?

Retirement experts have offered plenty rules of thumb about how much you need to save: somewhere near $1 million, 80–90% of your annual pre-retirement income, or 12 times your pre-retirement salary. But what’s right for you? And how do you know you’re on track? more

WorkConsidering an early retirement plan withdrawal? Know the pros and cons first

If you’re contributing to a 401(k), you probably know it offers tax-advantaged investing and understand that there are many benefits to delaying withdrawals until you’re eligible to retire. But to help you deal with life’s uncertainties, your plan may allow you to withdraw assets before more

HealthTalk it out: Discussing retirement healthcare costs and long-term care plans as a family

When my mom and dad started having health problems about a decade ago, my wife and I asked, ‘Do we want to have a discussion about our own long-term care?’” recalls Dr. Ken Dychtwald. “And we both realized we didn’t, because it’s a horrible discussion to have. You know - ‘What happens if you have a stroke, or you can’t walk?’ more

givingHelping your heirs get what they deserve

As the executor begins reading the last will and testament, the heirs sit on the edge of their seats. In a moment, they’ll know for sure whether Uncle James (or Dad or Grandma) left them a bundle…or left them out of the will entirely! more

familyThey're getting what? Keep your beneficiaries up to date

The hypothetical situations in this article are based on actual events, and serve as cautionary examples of what could happen if you forget to keep your beneficiary designations more

LeisureGame-time decisions: Weighing the costs of being a sports fan

If you're a sports fan, you're in good company: According to Gallup, more than half of Americans describe themselves as fans1 - and for good reason. Between the roar of the crowd and the glory of watching your favorite athlete do a victory dance, there's nothing like the thrill of a good game. But this excitement can also take up a lot of your time - and money. From tickets to food to parking (not to mention those irresistible foam fingers), the costs of being a fan can add up more

FinanceYour equity awards, when life happens

Equity-based awards can be one of the more rewarding components of your overall compensation. Like any asset, your equity compensation can be affected by major events in your life and at your company. But unlike other assets, equity compensation involves rules that aren’t always more

LeisureLighter and brighter: Refreshing the holidays

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s a good time to talk turkey about the upcoming holiday season. While we typically approach the holidays with happy anticipation, they can be all-consuming. In 2016, U.S. retail holiday sales in November and December were more than $658 billion, a staggering figure that is a testament to the huge effect that this time of year has both on our economy and on each of more

WorkMy restricted stock will vest soon - now what?

If your employer has granted you a restricted stock award, you generally have to wait until the grant vests to receive the shares. Each grant may have different vesting requirements, which are often based on a stated period of time from the grant date. Either way, you’ll have a few “to dos” as the vesting date more

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