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Equity Awards Videos


Understanding Equity Awards
A general explanation of equity award plans and the potential benefits they can offer participants.
About Restricted Awards
A summary of how Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units work, how they differ from stock options and what you may want to do if you've received restricted awards.
How Stock Options Work
An overview of the basics of stock option awards and what you may want to do if granted stock options.
Conducting Transactions
A summary of how to open the brokerage account needed for your awards, how to model and exercise awards, and how to sell stock received from awards.
Stock Option Exercise Methods
An overview of the different methods that can be used to exercise stock options - and the factors to consider when choosing an exercise method.
Your Merrill Lynch Brokerage Account
A description of the Merrill Lynch brokerage account that's needed before you can conduct transactions related to your awards, and instructions on how to open the account.

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