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Education Center » Starting a new job? Financial steps to consider

Starting a new job? Financial steps to consider

Starting a new job can be stressful. From retirement rollovers to new employee benefits, these tips may help smooth your transition.

Getting a new job can be a significant event. In addition to meeting new people and learning more skills, you also get the chance to seek out new opportunities and change your day-to-day routine. But as with any meaningful life change, there are some key things you’ll need to consider—from what to do with any retirement plans you might have to how to maintain your medical insurance coverage and what potential new benefits you should look out for at your new place of employment. Here are three factors to consider before moving onto your next job.

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  • Review this grid to help you understand the potential benefits and disadvantages of your available choices on what to do with existing retirement plan assets.
  • To learn more about Health Savings Accounts, go to
  • Call a Merrill Retirement Education Specialist at 877.637.1786. They are standing by to help you consider your options regarding your retirement plan and how it fits into your overall financial picture.


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